Who is Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas?

Our E-Club is in District 7750 in South Carolina, USA, and we are a service-driven club that is focused on our members.  We welcome membership applications from anywhere in the World. Our current members are from Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida in the USA, plus Costa Rica, Belgium, India, Russia, and Uganda.


E-Club of the Carolinas Pledge

As an E-Club of the Carolinas member, I pledge to fulfill my responsibilities by:

  • Pay dues invoice  on or before July 31 or within 30 days of receipt of invoice

  • Make annual contributions to Rotary International Foundation and Polio Plus programs as I am able

  • Meet Rotary standards of attendance (50%) with at least 25% with the Rotarian’s home club by attending weekly Fellowship, complete on-line E-Club meetings, or record make-up activities on-line.

  • Volunteer for an E-Club committee assignment and contribute accordingly

  • Share my service activities through correspondence with E-Club members, meeting postings and contributions to the E-Club website

  • Seek Rotary fellowship by attending weekly Eclub Fellowship events, local Rotary club meetings, video conferencing with Rotarians, contacting my sponsor and other Eclub members, or contributing to District 7750 committees, activities or events

  • Follow the 4-way test to fulfill my desire to be a “service above self” Rotarian

Board of Directors
  • Mike Reid (President)

  • Franca Meloncelli (Treasurer)

  • Gary Goforth (Secretary)

  • Anne Barron (immediate Past President)

Board Members
  • Ben Smith (Fundraising Chair)

  • Lenna Corley Young (Membership)

  • MC Yarbrough (RI Foundation)

  • Lance Young (CART Chair)

  • Rosemary McDowell (PR Chair/Website)

Additional Assignments
  • Lenna Corley Young (Programs)

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